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BRINGING THE OUTSIDE IN, by Mary McKenna Siddals

In this joyful picture book, children celebrate the seasons by splashing in puddles, jumping in leaves and sledding down hills. When it's time to come inside, they have memories that will last forever. Told in a rhythmic voice, this picture book is a great read-aloud that will appeal to playful children of all ages. AGES 1-4

QUACKERS, by Liz Wong

Quackers is a cat who believes he's a duck! He lives in a pond with other ducks, but doesn't quite fit in. Then one day he meets another cat and his life is never the same again. In her picture book debut, Liz Wong brings this heartfelt tale of fitting in and standing out to life with gorgeous illustrations. Quackers' dilemma unearths a universal message: We don't all have to look the same to be friends. AGES 5-8


A peaceful Oregon town suddenly erupts into chaos when 12-year-old genius Nate Bannister supersizes his cat and turns it invisible! It's up to him and his only friend, Delphine, to capture the cat before the entire town is destroyed. Not only do they have to worry about an invisible cat, but Nate and Delphine also come face-to-face with a mysterious and deadly organization that threatens more than just their small town. This wild adventure is the first book in a hilarious and exciting new series by award-winning comic book author Paul Tobin. AGES 8-12

DAN VS. NATURE, by Don Calame

When Dan Weeks learns that his mom is engaged to a brawny mountain man named Hank, he's not happy. Even worse, she has planned a camping trip for the two of them to bond in the wilds of Idaho. What follows is a raucous tale of survival full of gross pranks, raunchy humor and unexpected friendships. FOR TEENS

John Cook, Youth Services Supervisor, Linden Branch of the Columbus Metropolitan Library


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