The Modern Momma: Eat Play Love

Kristy Eckert

With Valentine's Day upon us, I spent a morning with my son's first-grade class to talk about all things love. Here's to the thing that makes the world go round (and sends the little ones into fits of giggles).

What is love?

“Kindness.” –Cooper, 6

“It's like you kind of really like somebody and you really want to marry them and kiss them and have a baby with them.” –Abby, 6

“Love means that if you love someone you give flowers to them.” –Madison, 6

Why do your parents love you?

“My mom likes me because I'm the best child in the house.” –Connor, 7

“Because my mom loves how determined I am.” –Maria, 6

“Because I was a good girl and I was really quiet while they were working, and they like quiet sounds.” –Madison, 6

Who or what do you love most in life?

“My Papaw. My mom knows that.” –Cooper, 6

Why do your parents love each other?

“Because my mom thinks my dad is handsome.” –Malaika, 7

“That's so gross!” –Elizabeth, 6, in response to Malaika

If you were going on a date, what would you want to do?

“I won't. Ever.” –Connor, 7

“I would like to swim in my pool and go to Skyline Chili and get ice cream with my doggie and get to ride everywhere around town.” –Madison, 6

“I would throw my food, because I don't want to go on dates.” –Kennedy, 6

“I would go out to dinner and then have a snowball fight.” –Bradley, 6

“Go to Skyline and kiss him on the lips. And then I would fall out of the Skyline seat.” –Abby, 6

“Before the date, I would go buy the ring, and at the end of the date, I would get the ring out and get on my knee.” –Ryan, 6

“Faint! Because it's awkward.” –Maria, 6

Will you ever get married?

“Yes, with my boyfriend. I've already had my first two kisses!” –Reagan, 6

“No. I want to live by myself and get a dog, and then I can mess up the house and nobody will bother me.” –Bradley, 6

“Yes. To Alex. Make sure you marry a boy. Boys are much funner than girls.” –T.L., 6

What will your spouse be like?

“He would treat me good or I would break up with him.” –Elizabeth, 6

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