The Modern Momma: Pint-size Philosophy

Kristy Eckert
Kristy Eckert

I love a little look back. So as the school year comes to a close, it feels like a good time to pull out the notebook I keep in a kitchen drawer to scrawl my kid's fantastic quotes.

It's a year in review of sorts, boy mom style. (Because unlike girl moms, we don't get notes and drawings daily. So we take the golden nuggets that make us laugh and really, really savor them.)

Without further ado, here'sThe First Grade Top 10.

“Look how dirty my hands are. I played like a MAN today.” –Coop, on driveway basketball

“I love you because you are nice. I love you because you play sports.” –Coop, in a rare card to Daddy, and potentially foreshadowing future wedding vows

“Why can't you just be 18 to do everything? Or 6?” –Coop, discussing age restrictions on his brothers' 21st birthday

“This is nothing like they show it on TV!” –Coop, on Taco Bell and marketing revelations

“I don't care who wins, but I care about Daddy losing.” –Coop, on Yahtzee

“My heart's going to blow up because it's laughing so hard.” –Coop, watching aMonsters Inc. short for the eighth time in a day

“We've really got to win this World Series. I've been waiting so long!” –Coop, on the ringless Cleveland Indians

“Your heart is mostly right. Your brain is mostly wrong. Sometimes they agree, but when they don't, listen to your heart.” –Coop, on life

“Doctors have to be very patient. And I'm not a patient guy.” –Coop, in an applause-worthy moment of self-awareness in response to someone suggesting he might someday be a doctor

“I hate losing more than I want to win. That's fromMoneyball, and it's the truth.” –Coop, on hismildly competitive nature

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