Media Reviews: Books for Kids

Maggie Gall

WE'RE ALL WONDERS written and illustrated by R.J. Palacio,

Auggie Pullman knows that even though his interests align with many of his peers, he does not look like any of them. At times, his feelings are hurt by others. But that's when he lets his imagination soar, as reflected in the bright and doodle-like illustrations. Traveling to another galaxy, Auggie sees that Earth is big enough for everyone and that everyone should be celebrated. The story is a great introduction for families to read together and talk about the issues of bullying and celebrating diversity. This is a picture book companion to the novel “Wonder,” whose movie adaptation comes out in November.FOR AGES 3-8

A BOOK OF BRIDGES: HERE TO THERE AND ME TO YOUby Cheryl Keely, illustrated by Celia Krampien

Readers will learn about different types of bridges—including wooden, covered, drawbridges, stepping stone, suspension and more—through a story as well as information about famous bridges all over the world. The illustrations are vibrant and do a great job of balancing cityscapes against natural landscapes. Many different flags are featured in the illustrations as well, providing an opportunity for parents to talk about symbols and geography with their children.FOR AGES 4-8


The reader becomes Odysseus in this interactive, page-turning series, which begins inside the Trojan horse. After the victory against the Trojans, it comes time to make a decision that not only instructs the reader on which page to turn to next, but also decides her or his fate. Readers will learn about different aspects of Odysseus' journey with three different story paths, 40 choices to make along the way and 17 different endings. Read it once or read it again and make new decisions for a completely different journey and ending.FOR AGES 8-12


Nix lives an exciting life, traveling throughout time to places historical, remote and even mythical. However, life is not always exciting in a positive way. For one, her father is struggling with an addiction. He also is trying to travel back to 1868, the year Nix was born and her mother died giving birth. Nix is worried that if her father saves her mother, she may no longer exist. Her father is determined to save the love of his life, and Nix is determined to learn the trade of time-navigation and find her own ship. This page-turner has a sequel that was released earlier this year.FOR TEENS


We Need Diverse Books

This highly recommended website is a great reading resource for parents and children of all ages.

We Need Diverse Books provides access to grants, contests, mentorships, roundtable discussions on issues such as anti-Semitism and more. It also contains book lists under the categories of African, African-American, American Indian, Book Awards, Disabilities, Islam, LGBTQIA, Latino and Multicultural.

Maggie Gall is the youth services information services specialist at the Southeast Branch of the Columbus Metropolitan Library.