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The 2018 Teachers of the Year (from left): Rob Niedermeyer, Michael Kunselman and Rita Crego

WHO: Our 2018 Teachers of the Year

WHERE:Dispatch Media Group photo studio in Downtown Columbus

WHEN: May 16, 2018

THE BACKSTORY: One of our favorite recurring projects here atColumbus Parent is our Teachers of the Year awards. Reading all of the nominations each year gives us a small glimpse of the talent, dedication, passion and compassion that many educators all over Central Ohio bring to work each school day.

Presenting the awards, though, is an even bigger treat. This year—thanks to help from their principals and some good secret-keeping by colleagues—we were able to surprise all three of our winners during presentations at their schools. We love seeing the reactions of the students, fellow teachers and honorees when they learn the news.

Our 2018 honorees, (from left) Rob Niedermeyer, Michael Kunselman and Rita Crego, were fantastic sports. They get special props for their willingness to come to our offices after a long day at work to participate in a group photo. We were so glad to get them all together. It's clear from talking with them and seeing them interact with students—and each other—that our readers chose well this year. Find out what makes them “Top of the Class”