Media Reviews: Books for Kids

Kelly Young
"Cook in a Book: Cookies!" by Lotta Nieminen

Cook in a Book: Cookies! by Lotta Nieminen

The newest book in the best-sellingCook in a Book series features a sweet treat, just in time for the holidays. This book, aimed at ages 2-4 but also enjoyable for older children, can be used as a step-by-step recipe guide complete with plenty of opportunities for teaching and guiding. If you find yourself reading it without the supplies or ingredients, it can still serve as an imaginative baking adventure, thanks to the straightforward text, interactive pages and colorful illustrations.FOR AGES 2-4

Festival of Colorsby Kabir Sehgal and Surishtha Sehgal

Chintoo and Mintoo are getting ready for the special time of year known as Holi, or the Indian festival of colors. To prepare, they gather vibrant flowers, such as orchids and irises. Through the simple text and vivid illustrations, readers learn how colored powders are created from the dried flowers that will later be used for a celebration full of singing, dancing and feasting. The brilliant colors in this picture book are sure to draw in young readers, and the culturally rich story is a great addition to any book collection.FOR AGES 4-8

Dinosaurby Dan Kainen

Explore the exciting Mesozoic era with Dan Kainen's most recent release. "Dinosaur" offers a glimpse into what eight species may have looked like as they walked the earth, thanks to photicular technology, which makes the images appear to move. The book is not only visually captivating, it also offers informative descriptions, detailing everything from the digestive system of the massive Sauroposeidon to the bone structure of a Protoceratops. Children will enjoy the multisensory experience offered by this book as they learn about these legendary creatures of the past.FOR AGES 9-12

Far Tune: Autumnby Terry Eisele

Fartun is a teenage girl living in Columbus who encounters the quintessential questions of adolescence. However, Fartun's story extends beyond Columbus—to Somalia, where she was born; Kenya, where she was raised in a refugee camp; and London, where she lived for two years before coming to the United States. As she attends a new school, will she be able to keep her old friends? Will she find her own way without disappointing her strict father? This first title in a graphic novel series by a Columbus State Community College professor will teach, inspire and resonate with readers.FOR TEENS

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Khan Academy Kids

From the creator of comes a new app for children ages 2-6. Khan Academy Kids uses a holistic approach and a personalized learning track to develop skills ranging from motor to math. The colorful characters and animations will appeal to children, and the fun rewards for completing educational activities will keep them engaged. All of the original, interactive exercises are aligned with the Head Start Early Learning Outcomes Framework and Common Core State Standards.