Media Reviews: Winter-Themed Books for Kids

Carmen Casillas

Snow Much Fun! by Nancy Siscoe, illustrated by Sabina Gibson

Berry and Ginger cannot wait for the first snowfall of the year, but their friend Willow does not share their enthusiasm. Together, these three animal friends take part in a variety of winter activities to help Willow find a way to enjoy the snow. Filled with sweet rhymes, silly events and darling photographic illustrations, this title is a sure hit among young children as they enjoy the many ways to have fun in the winter. FOR AGES 3-6

Mermaid Tales: The Winter Princess by Debbie Dadey 

Pearl is one excited mermaid when she finds out she will be the ocean’s next Winter Princess. Then, her parents drop even bigger news: She is going to be a big sister. Suddenly, everything is all about her new adopted brother, and no one remembers her big accomplishment. Throw in a dress disaster and a forgotten speech, and readers are in for one big splash after another. This early reader novel broaches topics of friendship, big feelings and chosen family. Filled to the brim with interesting sea-faring vocabulary, this novel reminds readers that anything is possible with the help of good friends. FOR AGES5-9

Life Cycles: Everything from Start to Finish by DK Publishing, illustrated by Sam Falconer

In this exploration of the cycles of life, readers engage with gorgeous multimedia illustrations of life throughout the universe. From the birth of a star to the life of an amoeba, there is a little bit of everything. Each set of facing pages explores a different life cycle through both short descriptions appropriate for younger readers and more detailed vignettes for future scientists. Not only does the book tackle animals and plants, it explains the life cycle of humans and our impact on the world. FOR AGES 7-12

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Ranger in Time: Attack on Pearl Harbor by Kate Messner

Ranger the retriever is back using his search-and-rescue training in the latest installment of his heroic historical adventures, this time in December 1941 at the attack on Pearl Harbor. Centered on the experiences of a young sailor and two Japanese American children, this story captures what that fateful set of days might have been like for people as they experienced it. Meticulously researched and full of contrasting perspective, this is a wonderful introduction to this period of U.S. history. FOR AGES 7-11

Wicked As You Wish by Rin Chupeco

Tala just wants to finish high school, maybe meet a cute boy, and help her friend Alex not get arrested by ICE for being a gay magical royal heir refugee from Avalon, a country encased in literal ice after the war with the Snow Queen. Everyone and every government wants a piece of Prince Alexei, but Tala’s Filipino family has protected Avalon’s royalty for too many years to give up on that promise now. When the Firebird shows up, a creature from legend and Avalon’s most powerful weapon, Alex and Tala have to journey to Avalon with the help of a motley crew of companions for the biggest adventure of their lives. Chupeco brings readers along for a swashbuckling ride through an alternate history of the world where magic and technology coexist, monarchy is the default setting and all the fairy tales are real. FOR TEENS

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Carmen Casillas is a youth information services specialist at the Reynoldsburg branch of the Columbus Metropolitan Library.

Mermaid Tales: The Winter Princess


Snow Much Fun!