Erika Clark Jones is a Force for Positive Change

Raised watching her mother's work in politics and civil rights, the ADAMH CEO is building her own legacy through service to the community.

Steve Wartenberg
Erika Clark Jones, CEO of Alcohol Drug and Mental Health Board of Franklin County

To understand the passion and determination of Erika Clark Jones to bring people together and get things done, it’s essential to learn about her mother, Dannette “Danni” Palmore, who passed away on Jan. 15. “She was this amazing person,” says Clark Jones, the CEO of Franklin County’s Alcohol Drug and Mental Health Board (ADAMH).

Danni Palmore was a trailblazer, a political strategist who got her start in the 1970s, an era when Black women began to break through into national political discussions and campaigns. Palmore worked in some capacity with, for, and as adviser to a long list of Ohio political heavyweights, including former Gov. Richard Celeste and Columbus Mayor Michael Coleman. Palmore was the deputy national director of Jesse Jackson’s historic run for president in 1988, and then worked for Paul Tsongas four years later in the Democratic primary the Massachusetts politician lost to Bill Clinton.

“I knew Danni for 40 years, she was one of my closest friends,” says Coleman. “She was involved in most of my campaigns over the years.”


“Actually, all of them,” Coleman says with a chuckle. “She was one of my closest confidantes for all my years [in politics]… I’ve known Erika since she was 10 or 11.

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