Five of the Coolest Zoom Rooms in Columbus

What Columbus notable has the best video call backdrop in the city? And who has the worst?

Columbus Monthly staff

The pandemic gave the world a new pastime: judging people’s Zoom backdrops. The Columbus Monthly team put this new skillset to use in May, gathering video call screenshots of 25 prominent local citizens and then voting on our favorites. Here are the five best, plus one we’d never like to see again. 

5. Jeni Britton Bauer, ice cream maker 

Jeni Britton Bauer on CNBC

A neatly composed space with low-key product placement and a rare glimpse of the outdoors. “I don’t know what that glowy thing is, but I like it,” says special sections editor Emma Frankart Henterly. 

4. Jerzy Drozd, interim Cartoon Crossroads executive director 

Jerzy Drozd

The podcaster and cartoonist’s room has plenty of personality. “I’m not a comics/action-figure person, but I still want to look at all the things,” says art director Betsy Becker. 

3. Doreen Uhas Sauer, historian 

Doreen Uhas Sauer

“Very cool of The Book Loft to let Doreen use one of its rooms for her meeting,” says dining editor Erin Edwards. 

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2. Joyce Beatty, U.S. representative 

Rep. Joyce Beatty

Outstanding art, a bold wall color and some nice personal touches. “The first word that came to mind when I saw Rep. Beatty’s room was ‘dignified,’” says associate editor Brittany Moseley. 

1. Angela Perley and Chris Connor, musicians 

Angela Perley and Chris Conner

“The tiger. That is all,” says senior editor Suzanne Goldsmith. 

Room of Shame: Andrew Brenner, state senator 

Andrew Brenner

The driving-while-Zooming legislator’s pathetic fake backdrop wasn’t fooling anybody. “Nice seatbelt,” says Arch City editor Chris Gaitten. “Worried about someone merging into your room from the right?”