Artist and Critic Scott Woods’ Top Picks for Fall Events

The artist and critic shares what he’s looking forward to this season.

Scott Woods
Neil deGrasse Tyson presents "An Astrophysicist Goes to the Movies"

As a longtime artist and a producer of events, I’m as eager as everybody else to get out and experience some culture. Here are three things that I’m looking forward to experiencing face-to-face. 

Neil deGrasse Tyson: “An Astrophysicist Goes to the Movies”

Sept. 21, Palace Theatre

A live Tyson lecture is a joy, capable of being enjoyed by people at any age, while not being pandering or facile. This particular lecture—which is updated over time—is a good gateway experience for those who would never spend an evening listening to a science lecture. I’m mostly going for the updates, as I’ve seen the core of this lecture online a bunch of times over the years, and it’s been five years since he was last in Columbus.

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Robert Finley

Oct. 21, Rumba Café

Robert Finley may just be the only act that has appeared on “America’s Got Talent” that I’d pay money to see live. He is the kind of blues musician you don’t see pass through Columbus much, by which I mean Black. I usually have to go out of state to see this music performed by the people who created it, so I’m pumped to catch Finley on my home turf. His blend of blues and hard soul hits right down the middle of my soul, and the work from his most recent album, “Sharecropper’s Son,” is going to make Rumba Café feel like an honest to goodness juke joint. As of this writing he’s only doing a month of shows before the end of the year, so his coming here is a big deal. 

"Bo Walking the First Family Through the Rose Garden" by Aminah Robinson

Aminah Robinson: Raggin’ On

Through Oct. 3, Columbus Museum of Art

Everyone who claims to care about this city should be required to go see this exhibit. It is one of a handful of world-class displays of culture I would stack up against any work, anywhere. If you’re an artist in this town and you haven’t seen this collection of Robinson’s paintings, sculptures and narrative tapestries, you are missing out on a master class. For the record, I’ve seen this exhibit twice and aim to see it once more before it closes out in October.

You can find out about fall events at Streetlight Guild, the gallery and performance space Scott Woods founded and operates, at

This story is from the Fall Arts Guide in the September 2021 issue of Columbus Monthly.