2021 Top Doctors Spotlight: OhioHealth Neurologist Deeksha Agrawal

The OhioHealth neurologist is a newcomer to the list.

Dave Ghose
Columbus Monthly
Deeksha Agrawal

What drew you to neurology? 

While going through the basic science curriculum and rotations in medical school, I found the subject matter in neurology most interesting. At that time, I also had the opportunity to interact with some very interesting patients with rare diseases. I liked the challenge of “localizing the lesion” and figuring out what part of the nervous system may be affected. 

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What is a common ailment you’re seeing these days? 

Due to the social, financial and family stressors from the COVID pandemic, many of our patients are experiencing worsening headaches, seizures or functional debility. It has been important to discuss stress-relieving techniques as part of the management of these conditions. 

When should someone be concerned about a headache or frequent headaches?  

A patient should be concerned especially if there has been a change in the characteristic of the headache. This may be the location, severity or other features of the headache. Some other “red flags” can include headaches with fever, positional changes, exertional headache or those headaches that are new, especially in the elderly. 

Do you recall a particularly gratifying case—and what made it gratifying? 

It’s difficult to pinpoint one specific case, but in general it would have to be any case where the patient had a drastic improvement in his or her quality of life. It is gratifying to see that with treatment, a patient is now able to actively participate with his or her family or perform his or her job well due to an improvement in his or her neurological condition. 

This story is from the August 2021 issue of Columbus Monthly.