The Schottenstein Family Tree

How the various branches of Columbus’ sprawling last dynasty connect to each other

Dave Ghose
Columbus Monthly

This chart is built upon the research of Morris Schottenstein, a retired Urbana College professor who wrote a two-volume history of his family. The tree covers six generations and includes peddlers, merchants, builders, lawyers, CEOs, a deli owner, a Yale cardiologist and nearly 200 descendants of Yoneh and Chaya Gerzhevsky, who lived in a Lithuanian shtetl. Still, it’s not definitive. It’s been pruned to focus on the most prominent family members, as well as the individuals featured in Columbus Monthly's March 2022 cover story "Growing Up Schottenstein: The Blessing and Burden of Belonging to Columbus’ Last Dynasty."

The Schottenstein surname originated with Yoneh’s sons, who apparently took the name of an employer, a German baron in Latvia. 

This story is from the March 2022 issue of Columbus Monthly.