My Neighborhood: Easton Co-Developer Yaromir Steiner on What He Loves About Buckeye Lake

The founder of Steiner + Associates chooses some of his favorite things in the Central Ohio waterfront community.

Steve Wartenberg
Yaromir Steiner, the co-developer of Easton, at Buckeye Lake Winery, a popular summer hotspot

The construction of a reservoir for the Ohio and Erie Canal in the 1820s turned a small pond into Buckeye Lake, a resort community with a rich history that once included an amusement park and a large ballroom where Glen Miller, Louis Armstrong and Count Basie performed. “My favorite thing about Buckeye Lake is the diversity of the communities [along the shores] and how they each have a different personality and character,” says Easton co-developer Yaromir Steiner, the CEO and founder of Steiner + Associates. He splits his time between homes in New Albany and Buckeye Lake and is vice chair of the Buckeye Lake Region Corp., a tri-county planning organization. Come aboard as we dock at some of Steiner’s favorite spots.

Buckeye Lake Yacht Club

“It’s like stepping back into a time capsule,” Steiner says of the boating club on the north shore, which was founded in 1906. “Nothing has changed; all the personality is still there.”

Buckeye Lake Winery

The winery’s motto is: Where Napa Valley meets Buckeye Lake. “It’s a favorite of my wife [Pat]; she especially likes their red wine,” Steiner says.


The museum of the Greater Buckeye Lake Historical Society is chock-full of memorabilia and photos from the area’s interesting history, including an 1860s log cabin, amusement park artifacts and tours on the Queen of the Lake boat. “It was created and is curated with love by people who really care about Buckeye Lake,” Steiner says.

Cranberry Bog State Nature Preserve

As the pond morphed into a lake, large mats of sphagnum moss broke loose from the bottom, creating a floating island. “It looks like an island when you walk on it, but underneath it doesn’t touch the bottom,” Steiner says.

Buckeye Lake Marina Shop

“What I like about it is, when you go into the shop for a piece of equipment, it’s just like it was in 1930,” Steiner says, adding the walls are lined with antique boating-related artifacts.

Weldon’s Ice Cream Factory

The family-owned Millersport ice cream parlor recently celebrated its 90th anniversary. “Banana is my favorite, but they don’t always have it,” Steiner says.

This story is from the August 2022 issue of Columbus Monthly.