Top Doctors 2022 Spotlight: OrthoNeuro Physician Martin Taylor

The OrthoNeuro neurologist is a newcomer to the Top Doctors list.

Dave Ghose
Columbus Monthly
Dr. Martin Taylor with Ortho Neuro

How has the COVID-19 pandemic altered your practice? 

We did telemedicine for a few months, but patients needed to be seen in the office, as we perform injection treatments on a regular basis on most of our patients. This includes therapeutic Botox and nerve blocks.

What are some of the best ways to prevent headaches? 

This is a complicated answer. It is important to track headaches on a calendar, as they may be treated differently depending on the frequency. Migraines are genetic in origin, and increased frequency occurs because of hormonal changes, stress/anxiety, neck problems, teeth-grinding and sleep problems, to name a few of the most common triggers.

What’s different about your field, neurology, than other specialties? 

A neurologist treats many chronic conditions that can be present for a patient’s entire life. These include progressive conditions such as Parkinson’s and dementia and nonprogressive conditions like migraines and dystonia. In either type of illness, we may treat a patient for many years, which allows us to get to know the patient and their family well.

Do you recall a particularly gratifying case—and what made it gratifying? 

I can tell you about the most gratifying condition to treat. I am an expert in the treatment of dystonia with botulinum toxin (Botox). Dystonia is a condition of twisting and turning muscles, which can cause muscle pain, pulling, spasms and tremors. It is a rare condition that can take several years and multiple doctors to correctly diagnose. Once the correct diagnosis is made, most of these patients do extremely well with treatment, and it is very gratifying to see their improvement.

This story is from the 2022 Top Doctors package in the August 2022 issue of Columbus Monthly.