Columbus Shopping Guide: Explore the Region’s Abundance of Rock and Metaphysical Stores

A local rock hound gives a tour of the city’s best outlets for crystals and mystical fare.

Emma Frankart Henterly
Columbus Monthly
Stones and crystals purchased at Central Ohio metaphysical stores and rock shops

My interest in occult and metaphysical subjects started when I was a teen, but I’ve been collecting interesting rocks and stones since childhood. Today, I enjoy frequenting the nearly two dozen metaphysical and rock shops found in Central Ohio, each with its own unique vibe and reason for visiting. Here is a guide to nearly every option in the Central Ohio region.

Start the day at DH Crystal Co. (240 N. Liberty St., Powell). On my last visit, there was a modest but handsome array of bigger specimens from a recent gem show out west. You’ll also find a good assortment of pocket and palm stones, carved pieces and prayer bracelets in this bright and airy space. Other metaphysical supplies include oracle and tarot card decks, pre-made spell jars, incense, and soaps and jewelry made by local artists. There’s also a solid offering of classes and workshops, from Saturday morning yoga and reiki to sound baths, jewelry-making and more.

Next up is Dublin Rocks & Minerals (5911 Karric Square Drive, Dublin), which boasts what might be the most expansive collection of carved pieces on this list. You’ll also find a solid offering of raw specimens large and small, as well as pocket tumbles, prayer bracelets, other jewelry (and cabochons for making your own). Owner Abdul Qadir, an Afghani immigrant and former combat interpreter for the U.S. Armed Forces, focuses exclusively on stones here, so don’t expect to find tarot cards or the like.

Brewing Intuition (3840 Lattimer St., Hilliard) is primarily an apothecary, but its crystal selection is solid, with pocket stones, palm stones, some display pieces and quartz towers. Unsurprisingly, the herb selection is outstanding; owner Emily Dane says most of the stock is organic and/or locally sourced. You’ll find some really interesting (non-crystal) jewelry, art and tons of stickers from local makers here, as well as altar tools, candles, smudge sticks made from a variety of materials, incense, candles, spell jars, books, and tarot and oracle decks. I especially appreciate the free library of the latter three items—great for beginners or those who are just curious. The store is worth a visit for the dark and moody, yet cozy and inviting, vibes alone; be sure to leave an offering on the community altar before you’re through.

Now in the Hilltop, Spirit of Tiphereth (2447 W. Mount St.) has a no-frills environment with an air of authenticity, thanks to its community altar and detailed explanations of each stone’s properties and associations. You’ll find mostly pocket tumbles here, though there are also a few larger pieces and prayer bracelets. With “spiritual tools for everyday living,” according to its website, you’ll find plenty to meet your ritual and meditation needs here, too. There’s an assortment of herbs, altar tools singing bowls, candles and incense, oracle and tarot decks, books, oils and more, as well as items for Egyptian, Orisha, Santeria, Shamanistic and Indigenous American practices.

A collection of products from Central Ohio metaphysical stores and rock shops

If time allows, two Grove City spots are worth the trek. The first, Blessed Be Spiritual Shop (3821 Broadway), feels like a cozy cottage deep in the forest, with a strong leaning toward herbal offerings and a nice selection of stones. This is a haven for cottage and kitchen witchcraft, with a solid selection of herbs and a DIY spell jar station. You’ll also find a large incense selection, as well as candles, altar tools, books, tarot and oracle cards, smudge sticks, jewelry, and apparel like cloaks and scarves. You can book a tarot reading with co-owner Feather (who prefers a mononym), or attend a free class in specific practices. The shop also hosts open circle for the Sabbat high holidays.

Nearby Kindred Collective (2068 Stringtown Road, Grove City), in a strip mall off 71, has great prices, cheery staff and a DIY prayer bracelet station. Owner Kadi Matus makes her own line of bath and body products, and you’ll also find herbs and teas, singing bowls and bells, smudge sticks (including make-your-own options), incense and candles, and CBD products. Services include reiki, massage, cupping, aura cleanses, sound baths and tarot readings. Plans are in the works to start selling houseplants, too.

Next we head to Metaphysical Melanin (893 E. Long St.) in Olde Towne East. While the crystal selection is modest, I really appreciate owner Monica Jeffries’ commitment to her community, and her intention crystal packs are great if you’re not quite sure what you’re looking for. Like Kindred Collective’s Matus, Jeffries makes her own bath and body products; she also makes jewelry sold in the shop. Other offerings include dressed candles, smudge sticks, herbs and altar tools. Services include a “plant hospital” for those who are still working on their green thumbs, yoni steaming and classes on topics like jewelry-making. Jeffries says one goal of her shop is “normalizing self-love and self-care as medicine.”

From there, head west to Franklinton, where one of my personal favorites, WitchLab (1185 W. Broad St.), has everything the dark and spooky soul desires … and some lovely pocket stones and display pieces, too. You’ll find a solid assortment of herbs here, often locally sourced, as well as ritual oils and washes, a wide selection of incense and candles, altar tools, tarot and oracle decks, books, jewelry, and even quirky antiques, taxidermy, skulls and other bones.

In the Grandview area, Accent on Nature and Mystic Sisters are a stone’s throw from one another but offer two very different atmospheres. Accent on Nature (1435 Grandview Ave.) feels like an old-fashioned rock-shop that also happens to sell a small selection of metaphysical supplies like soaps and incense. It has an excellent selection of harder-to-find minerals and fossils alongside its crystals, though many of the stones lack cards or signs detailing their metaphysical properties. Still, it’s a great option for those willing to do a little more of their own resource.

Meanwhile, Mystic Sisters (1203 Grandview Ave.) offers a carved stone selection to rival Dublin Rocks & Minerals, as well as pocket tumbles and more, all conveniently organized by color. If you enjoy druzies and geodes, you won’t want to miss this spot. Other wares include candles, incense, singing bowls, prayer bracelets, and tarot and oracle decks. Services reflect owner Meggin McAnally’s vision for the shop as “more of a healing store” than a spiritual one, with reiki and an infrared sauna in addition to tarot and oracle deck readings.

If you’re looking for something a little more upscale, Bohindi (2134 Arlington Ave., Upper Arlington) is the place to go for nicer, often locally made jewelry with metaphysical properties; its DIY intention bracelet bar is both classy and fun. There’s also a nice selection of large display specimens, and a small offering of polished pocket and palm stones. An aromatherapy wall offers plenty of soaps, oils, candles and smudge sticks; you’ll also find singing bowls and plants for sale.

This is an expanded version of a story from the Where to Shop Now package in the May 2023 issue of Columbus Monthly.