S'mores for dessert

Staff Writer
Columbus Monthly

If someone forced me at gunpoint to pick a favorite dessert, I'd probably say s'mores. Come to think of it, if someone could figure out how to turn s'mores into a birthday cake, that's what I'd request every year. Only thing is, I'm kind of lazy when it comes to the actual business of making them.

So I've been happy to notice a trend of local restaurants serving their own takes on the roasted-marshmallow dessert. I tried as many as I could find, and wrote about my favorites in this week's Alive.

I really wanted to write about G. Michael's s'more dessert, but after I finished eating it, the waiter informed me I'd eaten the very last one. They were retiring the s'mores from the menu after that day. Anyway, it was fantastic and fun: graham cracker-flavored brownie triangles coated in plenty of roasted marshmallow fluff and sitting in a pool of chocolate sauce. If it ever pops back up on the menu (fingers crossed), definitely order it.

Due Amici's S'more Napoleon is a favorite treat I always look forward to sampling at foodie events. This one's yummy, and has the most realistic roasted marshmallow of the bunch.

And this fluffy concoction comes from Chocolate Cafe in Grandview. It's less rich than the others (a good thing when you've been eating s'mores for a while), but still plenty sugary. It incorporates all the components of a traditional s'more topped with lots of whipped cream and a cherry. Doesn't get much better than that.