Day of the Buckeye

Staff Writer
Columbus Monthly

I didn't wake up today expecting a day of Buckeyes. It just kind of happened by accident.

I've been working my way through a list of iconic Columbus dishes I've never tried and happened to drive by one of the places on my list -- Krema Nut Company factory store on Goodale, home of the Buckeye sandwich made with their own peanut butter and Nutella -- around lunchtime. So I stopped in and ordered a sandwich to go, along with a PB-and-chocolate-flavoered Buckeye milkshake. It seemed like a logical pairing.

Check out the cute paper bag the Krema folks packed my sandwich in. Just like elementary school. The Buckeye sandwich, by the way, is a pretty awesome twist on the classic Columbus candy. I went for Krema's intensely nutty crunchy peanut butter, and recommend you do the same.

Anyway, the sandwich/milkshake combo was pretty delicious, but also pretty indulgent. I was already feeling a sugar coma coming on when my phone rang. It was Teressa Shivers-Mazzei, who just happened to be dropping by with a box filled with samples of her soon-to-be-famous Buckeyes-on-a-stick. []I wish I could tell you that I plowed through, sugar overload be damned, and tried one of these things. But I couldn't bring myself to eat one more bite of chocolate-covered peanut butter. I'm saving mine for tomorrow.

Krema Nut Company

1000 W. Goodale Blvd., Grandview