Commonwealth at the Village Idiot

Staff Writer
Columbus Monthly

My new favorite bar food? Commonwealth sandwiches ordered through the window at the Village Idiot. The High Street spot was one of the only places in town showing the Clippers game on Tuesday. I met up with a group of diehard Clippers fans and we all feasted on Commonwealth's crazy good sandwiches and drank beers while watching the team capture its second straight triple-A national championship.

I tried the Haute-Hippie, made with local goat's cheese, black pepper tomato jam, frisee, cucumber and red onion marmalade. A good pick for days when you can't handle pork-tastic options like the Three Little Pigs.

I also stole a couple bites of one of my favorites, the Into the Woods. It's got seared wild mushrooms, caramelized onions, local goat's cheese fondue and black pepper tomato jam. Always delicious. And, of course, we got a couple of bouquets of fries to share. Next best thing to actually being at the game.

The Village Idiot

1439 N. High St., Campus