Behold the ZMB at Zuppa

Staff Writer
Columbus Monthly

I love eating with Alive's Brad Keefe because he always orders the craziest thing on the menu. And then he lets me try a bite. For example, he was the one who first introduced me to the crazy Clevelander burger at Barley's, which is topped with a whole kielbasa AND two huge pierogies.

At lunch today at Zuppa downtown, he ordered the ZMB, which I assume stands for Zuppa MeatBall, and has this menu description: "Over 1 pound!!! A four meatball sub with cheese and sauce."

This "sandwich" is the size of a brick, and it's served in a shoe-box-sized white box. (Note, I was not drinking that Mountain Dew Code Red. It's only there for scale.) The comical largeness of the box made for some fun "Seven"-style "What's in the box?!" commentary. And then he opened it up, and everybody oohed and aahed. The ZMB is kind of like a big bread bowl filled with giant meatballs in some tasty marinara and topped, pizza-style, with lots of gooey melted cheese. It's surprisingly easy to eat (being cut in half helps), and good in a comfort-food way, especially on a dreary day like today.

Meanwhile, I got this much more modestly sizedVeggie Philly, a favorite of mine that's filled withsauteed fresh veggies bound together with melted white cheese, served on Zuppa's fantastic, fluffy bread.


180 E. Broad St., Downtown