Dollar oysters at Rigsby's

Staff Writer
Columbus Monthly

I love it when restaurants run special promotions on Mondays, because Mondays are usually so neglected. Actually, it's common for restaurants to be closed on Mondays to give the staff a day to rest. So Monday promotions are like a special reward for making the effort to go out to eat (or, I guess, being too lazy to cook).

Rigsby's has a particularly great special: $1 Oyster Mondays. Order as many raw oysters on the half shell as you'd like, and they come out freshly shucked and prettily arranged on a bed of ice. Lemon slices and dipping sauces (a vinegary mignonette and cocktail sauce) are provided as accompaniments. Dress them up and slurp them down.

Definitely a great deal, and definitely an indulgent way to treat yourself on a Monday.

Rigsby's Kitchen

698 N. High St., Short North