First look: Flaxella Cafe

Staff Writer
Columbus Monthly

Flaxella Cafe, which has been "coming soon!" for months now at the corner of Long and Third streets Downtown, opened for business last week. This week is still serving as a soft opening for the cafe, which focuses on drinks and foods made with flax seeds, which are packed with omega-3 fatty acids.

I tried a flax latte on this chilly morning. It has steamed milk like a traditional latte but it's made with flax seed instead of espresso. A sprinkle of cinnamon on top pairs well with this drink's nutty flavor. The most interesting part is the texture: it's very thick and a bit grainy. Lattes can be made with soy milk rather than regular if desired.

Flexella is occupying a teensy, 400-square-foot building that was at one point going to be L'Appat Patisserie, but that cafe never opened for business.

Inside is bright and cheery, with neon green walls and a pretty red espresso machine. There's not a food menu in place yet, but customers can choose from flax lattes, flax espresso drinks or flax smoothies, plus regular, flax-free coffee (supplied by Brioso) or cappuccino.

Bags of flax crackers and seeds, plus some boxes of chocolates other snacks, are available for sale. A full menu should be added soon.

Flaxella Cafe

89 E. Long St., Downtown