Ohio Calamari at Knead

Staff Writer
Columbus Monthly

I love fancy food, but I also really love bar snacks. And so when I see combinations of the two, I always order them. Like Knead's Ohio Calamari. It's sort of like a fun union between two classic bar snacks: chicken tenders and actual calamari. Only it's made with pork tenderloin. So I guess technically it's more like a fun union between calamari and a pork tenderloin sandwich. Anyway, the pork is cut in the shape of little fried squids, and it comes with a delicious lemony house aioli. Fun!

The menu description says "Fresh from the shores of the Ohio River," which amuses me. Knead's menu has a consistent sense of humor, in fact, which is part of what makes it so fun to eat there. Next time I'm planning on trying the "Faux Oysters," which are actually Ohio corn fritters based on a Civil War recipe for when the real thing wasn't available.

Know what goes great with fancy bar snacks? Margaritas. And Knead has a great one, the Tapatio Margarita.

Tell me your favorite fancy bar snacks around town!


505 N. High St., Short North