Cafe Lola's new look

Shelley Mann, Columbus Alive

If you work Downtown, you've probably grabbed lunch at Cafe Lola at the corner of High and Broad. The always-hopping sandwich spot got a revamp recently, and now has a streamlined, assembly-line-style setup and a tweaked menu.

The menu still has the familiar panini sandwiches, wraps, salads and quesadillas. The biggest change is no more flatbread pizzas, and I think I can guess why. The new setup seems focused on getting people in and out even more quickly than before to avoid that pesky buildup of people waiting for their to-go orders by the cash register. Everything on the new menu can be thrown together quickly and cooked in minutes on a panini press, so it's ready by the time you've paid. The pizzas required a longer stay in the oven, and so they've been replaced by quick-assemble rice bowls.

Build-your-own options are available, but there are a bunch of recommended combinations too. I tried a Thai Veggie Wrap with fried rice, marinated veggies, roasted mushrooms, black beans, shredded carrots and spicy Thai peanut dressing. It's still plenty cheap ($5.49) and tasted pretty decent, but I wish I'd gone for the option of adding chicken for an extra 50 cents.

A couple other new items that sound good:

Turkey, Bacon & Roasted Red Pepper Quesadilla with avocado ranch

Black Bean, Sweet Corn Salsa & Sauteed Onion Quesadilla

Asian Chicken Wrap with roasted chicken, shredded carrots, sriracha slaw and spicy Thai peanut dressing

Santa Fe Rice Bowl

Cafe Lola

12 E. Broad St., Downtown