Margarita brunch at Explorers Club

Shelley Mann, Columbus Alive

Guess what? I have a new favorite brunch. (Yes, I know I have a new favorite brunch almost every week. Sue me.)

For now, my flavor of the week is what I'm dubbing Margarita Brunch at Explorers Club. One important note: While Explorers Club serves a brunch menu both Saturday and Sunday, Margarita Brunch is Saturday only because they don't have a Sunday liquor license.

But on Saturdays, the South High Street spot is a wonderland filled with Latin-tinged breakfast foods and Mexico's answer to the mimosa, the Champagne Margaritas. First let's talk about this dish, the Relleno Omelet with grilled red skin potatoes. It's basically a Chile Relleno (a long green chile stuffed with melted cheese then battered and deep-fried) wrapped in an eggy blanket and drizzled in salsa. This thing is beautiful to look at and tastes fantastic. I love the crunch from that fried coating, something you don't often find in an omelet.

And, of course, that Champagne Margarita. It's got fresh-squeezed fruit juice paired with the usual tequila and orange liqueur but with bubbly champagne subbed for the triple sec. Oh, it's so good, and juicy and boozy and immediately buzz-inducing.

Explorers Club

1586 S. High St., South Side