New obsession: Pickled eggs

Shelley Mann, Columbus Alive

I can't get over how pretty these Mimosa Eggs from Till Dynamic Fare are. The fuschia-colored deviled eggs are pickled in beet brine, which gives them a lovely, multifaceted sweet-sour flavor. I ordered just two on their own, but Till normally serves them as part of other dishes. One recent salad paired them with roasted and pickled beets, local goat cheese, borage flowers and fresh dill.

Also fun are the pickled eggs sold at The Coop for $1 apiece. Theirs aren't pink like Till's, but instead resemble a regular old hard-boiled egg and taste more similar to puckery bread-and-butter pickles. I like to buy one for the drive home from the Clintonville food truck.

Till Dynamic Fare

247 King Ave., Victorian Village