Pork belly at Pie's Gourmet Pizza Bistro

Shelley Mann, Columbus Alive

I'm so over pork belly that I declared it to be officially "out" in the last issue of Crave.

But. Then I tried Bill Fugitt's pork belly small plate at the new Pie's Gourmet Pizza Bistro in Reynoldsburg (yes, Reynoldsburg), and not only was it the best bite I had that night but I literally cannot stop thinking about it. These bites of meat are two of the best I've ever eaten, cooked perfectly and boasting an incredible smoky flavor. That golden exterior is crispy like bacon, and meat underneath is as silky as velvet.

It's served with a little herby salad with more pork (in the form of salty bacon lardons) and a huge poached quail egg. One bite of pork belly with a bit of salad dunked in some egg yolk? Heaven.

Pie's Gourmet Pizza Bistro

7601 E. Main St., Reynoldsburg