Bourbon milkshakes at M at Miranova

Shelley Mann, Columbus Alive

There's a lot to love about M at Miranova, the swankiest of the Cameron Mitchell restaurants -- a gorgeous bar (with drinks to match), great views, airy private booths. One thing I love is that the menu, while certainly fancy, doesn't take itself too seriously. The dessert menu is especially fun in how it appeals to the kid inside all of us.

Take the Cake and Ice Cream, a more mature than it sounds pairing of chocolate lava cake with hand-spun caramel ice cream. Or the beloved Root Beer Float, a combo of vanilla ice cream with root beer granita that's garnished with warm chocolate chip cookies.

My favorite, though, is the boozy milkshake. M's own bourbon ice cream is turned into a delightful butterscotchy milkshake and served with a little housemade candy bar (think Snickers bar but with much higher-quality ingredients). And if you order it to split, like I did, they even divide the milkshake for you so each person gets their own whipped cream dollop.

M at Miranova

2 Miranova Pl., Downtown