Bacon sashimi at Mouton

Shelley Mann, Columbus Alive

Behold: Bacon sashimi! This culinary marvel can be found on the menu at Mouton, where you can order it alongside a stiff cocktail or three. This stuff is La Quercia Tamworth Heritage Breed bacon. It's dry cured meat that comes from Tamworth hogs, a breed known as the "Bacon Pig." And it's minimally processed, seasoned with only sea salt, pepper, bayleaf and rosemary and then smoked with apple wood.

This sweet, smoky meat can be cooked or it can be eaten raw, just like country ham. Mouton serves it raw and calls it bacon sashimi, shaving tthick slabs of the stuff into delicate little tendrils. They're served on a cutting board with some rosemary-pecan Raincoast Crisp crackers -- quite a stunning snack.


954 N. High St., Short North