Last weekend for Crave's Farm to Plate!

Shelley Mann, Columbus Alive

Crave's first ever dining event, Farm to Plate, wraps up this Sunday! So that still gives you all weekend to check out some of the great special menus created by some of the city's most talented chefs. More than 40 local restaurants partnered with local farms to create dishes made with at least 70 percent locally grown ingredients.

Above is my favorite of the Farm to Plate creations I've tried this week, Magdiale Wolmark's fried chicken entree ($17) at Till. It's buttermilk-soaked fried organic chicken on a bed of mac and cheese (spiked with preserved peaches!), topped with Southern-style greens and served with a slice of watermelon. The ingredients for this dish came from the following local producers: Snowville Creamery, Integration Acres, Heartland Orchard and Fox Hollow Farm.

Mmm, crispy fried chicken and creamy, cheesy macaroni. Yeah, this is a fantastic dish to try for those unfamiliar with Till, by the way. Wolmark's vegan mac and cheese at his landmark Dragonfly was beloved, and I have really loved tasting some of his new experimentations with meat and dairy products at Till.

Also on Till's special Farm to Plate menu is this Local Vegetable Charcuterie plate ($14), featuring all of these fun things: squash pate, shiitake rillette, cured tomaotes and Till's own vegetable sausage. These veggies come to us courtesy of Granny B Farms, Jorgensen Farms and Till's own backyard garden.

Find the complete list of Crave's Farm to Plate menus at!


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