Columbus Pizza Diaries: Dante's Pizza

Shelley Mann, Columbus Alive

Eating through the city's pizza options is a daunting task, but as daunting tasks go, a pretty delicious one. I started my long-term exploration of the scene at one of the city's classic neighborhood spots, Dante's in Clintonville. It's been around since 1973, and walking in immediately took me back in time -- to summers spent at baseball diamonds and after-game pizza binges. I didn't grow up eating at Dante's, but I might as well have.

Dante's pizza is not fancy. These are just traditional pies, perfected over decades, topped with straightforward meats and veggies. We picked the homemade sausage (a mild but tasty version) and green olives to add some salt.

I've found that while most local pizzerias do serve beer, the most exotic option tends to be Molson Canadian. Honestly, I've started to develop an appreciation for the stuff. it's good pizza-drinking beer.

The aftermath.

Dante's Pizza

3586 Indianola Ave., Clintonville