Columbus Vegetarian Dining Guide: Lunch

Staff Writer
Columbus Monthly

Our top vegetarian-friendly lunch picks

Whole World

3269 N. High St., Clintonville


This eatery bills itself as having been the first all-vegetarian restaurant in Columbus. With a quirky staff and an overflowing bulletin board, Whole World serves as a community hub and is typically packed with a loyal clientele.

Try their famed Broccoli Burger (served every year at ComFest) or a specialty pizza. Their Herb and Guacamole version showcases guacamole, sprouts, tomatoes and sunflower seeds, making it a pleasant departure from plain old cheese pizza.

Northstar Cafe

Multiple locations

Catering to vegetarians and eco-minded carnivores alike, Northstar’s chic diners celebrate local and organic—and consistent—fare with a menu that will never leave you bored.

The Northstar Burger (made with beets, rice and black beans) is a must-have. A glimpse of the secret—and extensive—recipe reveals that it’s worth way more than its $12.50 price tag. Other favorites include the Buddha Bowl and the freshly squeezed juices.

Katalina’s Cafe Corner

1105 Pennsylvania Ave., Victorian Village; 614-294-2233

The Warren Zevon quote on the wall inside of Katalina’s urges diners to “Enjoy every sandwich.” While vegetarians cannot enjoy every sandwich at this Victorian Village eatery, a quarter of the menu is dedicated to well-thought-out meat-free options.

Love cheese? The Beet and Boursin sandwich joins the title ingredients with greens, walnuts and raspberry vinaigrette. For a salad-on-a-sandwich option, the Pesto and Avocado sandwich combines goat cheese, cucumbers and sprouts with walnut pesto.

Honorable Lunch Mentions: Lavash, Indian Oven, Cornerstone Deli