Stuffed chicken wings at Siem Reap

Shelley Mann, Columbus Alive

Chicken wings are one of those love 'em or hate 'em foods. I lean toward the hate 'em side. The skin-and-bones to meat ratio just doesn't do it for me. But multiple raves about the stuffed chicken wings at Siem Reap, a newish Cambodian place across the street from the casino, convinced me to give these a try. And, OK, these aren't traditional wings by any standard, but they're crunchy, juicy and super tasty.

Basically, for this Asian specialty snack you take the chicken meat out, mince it up with herbs, spices and cellophane noodles, then stuff that mixture back inside the wing and deep fry the whole thing. The result is a little bit like mini Thanksgiving turkeys. Slice through the golden, crackling skin to reveal a beautiful, herby stuffing. And this is just one of several rarely spotted treats on the menu at Siem Reap -- I'm looking forward to revisiting and trying out more.

Siem Reap

375 Georgesville Rd., West Side