Freedom a la Cart's supper club

Staff Writer
Columbus Monthly

Freedom a la Cart, the mobile food vendor with a socially conscious mission, kicked off a new endeavor last month: an underground supper club. The monthly invite-only dinners, held in secret locations throughout the city, raise money to help victims of human trafficking.

Multicourse menus are created by chef Lara Yazvac-February's included treats like cassoulet made with local sausage and squash. Freedom a la Cart operator Julie Clark gave us the details.

How did you come up with this idea?

Lots of cities have Friday- and Saturday-night supper clubs where people either host a dinner party or random people come together and a chef prepares a beautiful meal. From what we knew, Columbus hadn't hosted one yet. It gives people something to look forward to all week.

What's on the menu?

Our chef Lara is known for her creative cuisine and using a lot of bold, ethnic flavors. This will give her a chance to show off some things she hasn't been able to do.

Who's on your guest list?

We started with friends, then put the word out to former customers, then to the general public through Facebook. We cap it at 16 to 18 people. We fill up our spots within days.

Any hints as to future locations?

We have three to four creative ones on the horizon, including warehouses, breweries and other restaurants. Alana's is hoping to host one for us this spring.

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