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With its distinctive, decadent round brownies, homegrown bakery Sugardaddy's has generated lots of national buzz-and its three Columbus retail outlets have attracted plenty of devoted customers. Attorney Rodney Holaday explains why Sugardaddy's satisfies his sweet tooth.

What first prompted you to check this place out?

I was watching the Food Network and happened to see the "Throwdown With Bobby Flay" episode where Flay challenges Sugardaddy's founders Mark Ballard and Tom Finney to make their blondies. And it said Sugardaddy's was in Powell, so I tracked them down.

How often do you visit?

It used to be a special treat to go to their Powell location. But then they [opened a Gay Street location] about 80 feet from my work. I run over after work, before they close.

I'm probably here every three days. You have to get out from behind the desk. If you're going to have a vice, this is an OK one to have.

What's your favorite sweet treat?

I like the Tahiti [a blondie made with coconut and pineapple, studded with toasted cashews and chocolate chunks], and I get brownie cheesecakes for special occasions.

My 12-year-old likes the Rich Mint brownie. For his birthday, he asked for a mint brownie-based cheesecake from Sugardaddy's. And we got it for him.

What makes this bakery stand out?

They have something for everyone: gluten-free, low-sugar. And they use interesting ingredients, like bacon. It's fantastic. You can't make brownies like this at home.

Plus, Mark promotes local businesses. He's invested in the community. And his stores have a casual and friendly atmosphere. I'll even stop in to say hi and not buy anything.

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Name: Rodney Holaday

Age: 42

Neighborhood: Dublin

Occupation: Attorney


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