Bloodys and Bennys at The Worthington Inn's New Brunch

Beth Stallings

After 30 years, The Worthington Inn's all-you-can-eat Sunday brunch buffet is out. In its place is a seasonal menu more in tune with the restaurant's mission. There was a disconnect, says chef Thomas Smith, between what they were serving daily at the restaurant and what was on the buffet line. "I think we're able to better shine as an a la carte brunch," Smith says.

Now you'll find the same kind of farm-fresh ingredients featured on the regular menu-free-range eggs, bacon and sausage from King Family Farm and house-smoked salmon. The standout in the playful collection of breakfast classics is the trio of "Benny's"-Smith's riff on eggs Benedict, free of English muffins and sliced ham. There's the Eggs Worthington ($13) that includes corned beef hash cakes topped with poached eggs and a spicy tomato hollandaise. The Crab Benedict ($15) featuring pan-fried crab cakes, poached eggs and classic hollandaise. And, my favorite, the Eggs Benedicto ($14), which is Smith's play on huevos rancheros-a spicy collection of black bean cakes, chorizo and cilantro sauce topped with poached eggs.

Oh, and don't skip the chance to build your own bloody mary from a sushi-style card with 15 topping options and a handful of hot sauces.

649 High St., Worthington, 614-885-2600,