Paddy Wagon to open permanent location

Anthony Dominic, Crave

The Paddy Wagon food truck is set to open Jailhouse | Rock, its new permanent location tucked inside Little Rock Bar, June 25. The Paddy Wagon team has spent recent months transforming a 200-square-foot space in the back of the Italian Village bar into a fully functional kitchen, where they'll prep and serve an exclusive lineup of gourmet hotdogs.

The dogs will be sourced from The Good Frank, with grass-fed beef and vegan options. Highlights include the Carmella, served with rosemary gnocchi, vodka sauce, red onion, ricotta cheese and red pepper flakes, and The King, topped with applewood bacon, banana relish and spicy peanut butter sauce. A handful of Paddy Wagon staples, like the 15-to-Life Angus Brisket, will also be available.

Jailhouse's walk-up window will make the experience similar to that of a food truck, with the added convenience of orders being delivered to your table or bar perch.

"It's definitely going to provide an anchor for us," says Zach James, Paddy Wagon owner and chef. "We've been serving [at Little Rock] pretty much every Saturday since last summer. We really like the crowd over there, so it's really mutually beneficial for both places."

James says the name choice was strategic, as he's open to the possibility of future Jailhouse installations at other city bars.