Sweet Endings: Dessert with a Side of Bacon

Beth Stallings
Bacon Chocolate Chip Cheesecake from Jami's Cheesecakes

Bacon. It's salty and sweet-so it's no surprise you'll find it in desserts around town.

This salty-sweet combo was inspired by Ray Ray's Hog Pit, says the owner and namesake of Jami's Cheesecakes, who tired of delivering just plain cheesecakes to the barbecue joint. So, she added bacon for an extra salty and smoky bite to the classically creamy and not-too-sweet cheesecakes she now makes and sells from a counter at the back of Moretti's of Arlington. Want the Italian version? Order the Nutella Pancetta.

"Everyone says it's odd," says the worker at KissiCakes-n-Sweets when I point to a cupcake garnished with glistening bacon sprinkles. "But people keep buying them." The Campus bakery tops savory cinnamon cake with a coat of glaze-like cream cheese frosting. The bacon sprinkles cut through with salt and, surprisingly, welcomed fat. Want a cupcake for breakfast? Order this.