Sweet Endings: Gooey Desserts Galore

Beth Stallings
Mississippi Mud Cake from Eban's Bakehouse

Baker Rachel Eaton crafted Honeykiss Bakery's My Blueberry Heaven Pie especially for those who don't love blueberry pie. How does she win over skeptics? By adding booze, of course. Fresh blueberries are reduced to a tongue-coating glaze with Brothers Drake's Bergamot Blue mead for a soft gelatinous filling. Then comes a malty layer of Snowville Creamery creme fraiche blended with a Belgian tripel from Rockmill Brewery. Topped with a crunchy and slightly citrusy sugar and butter crust, it's a busy pie in all the right ways.

Stick a fork into the Mississippi Mud Cake, and you'll hear its gummy goodness before you taste it. Yes, that's sugar crackling like a melting marshmallow over a campfire. Things are about to get sticky. It's a worthwhile mess for this dense chocolate brownie smothered with marshmallow, chocolate sauce and crunchy pecans made by Grove City-based Eban's Bakehouse.

Goomies are the kind of sugar-layered-upon-sugar treats that sounded ingenious to us as kids. Why wouldn't you dip a buttery rice cereal and marshmallow treat in caramel? And then cover it in a hard shell of chocolate to seal in all that oozing sugar so you can eat it like a candy bar? Yes, this signature treat from Goumas Confections in Granville tastes as devilish as it sounds. Just watch your chin-it's bound to get covered in a string of caramel and marshmallow goodness.

The Butterscotch Budino at Harvest Pizzeria is the kind of dessert that makes you eagerly await for dinner to end so you can order it. Harvest nails this sweet Italian pudding: thick, nutty and stick-to-your-spoon creamy. It's topped with refreshing creme fraiche and crunchy hazelnuts, but the real treat is on the bottom-a layer of sticky sea salt caramel sauce.