Sweet Endings: History of the Buckeye

Michelle Sullivan

Ohio and buckeye candy go together like-well, peanut butter and chocolate. So when did these hand-rolled peanut butter balls dipped in chocolate become a tradition? Recipes similar to today's buckeye candy date back to the early 20th century. And Anthony-Thomas has been selling their chocolate-covered peanut butter bars, cups and Easter eggs since opening in 1952. But Columbus' oldest candy company didn't begin making buckeyes until 2000, says Candi Trifelos, director of retail operations. They weren't sure whether they'd be a hit. "Sometimes those homemade candies that are popular don't sell," she says. Now, the candy is their top seller. We might never know who made the first-ever buckeye, but perhaps the best part of Ohio's favorite peanut-butter-chocolate candy is its mystery.