Sweet Endings: Salty-Sweet Snack Cravings

Emily Thompson

When that late-night snack craving hits, you usually know whether you're in the mood for something sweet or salty. But what if you want the best of both worlds? These local snacks are the answer to your craving conundrum.

A trip to the North Market isn't complete without a bag of Pam's Popcorn made in concession-stand-style popcorn machines, and her Sweet & Salty flavor has just the right balance of salt and sugar. With a subtle hint of vanilla, Pam's version is a fun twist on the classic snack.

Rogue Bakery's WTF cookie ("If you're a kid, it stands for Wednesday, Thursday, Friday," says owner Carl Acampado.) is an odd but delightful blend of butterscotch chips, potato chips, candy-coated pretzels and chocolate marshmallows from Patisserie Lallier, with sea salt sprinkled on top. Available at The Hills markets and online, the soft cookie tastes like it came straight from grandma's cookie jar-if grandma had a liking for crunchy, salty munchies, that is.