Crafthouse cocktails now available in Columbus

Anthony Dominic, Crave

While Chicago bartender Charles Joly doesn't plan to move to Columbus anytime soon, you can now enjoy the James Beard award-winner's cocktails in your own kitchen.

As of this week, Joly's Crafthouse bottled cocktails-a Moscow Mule, Paloma and Southside-are available at The Hills, Weiland's Market, Whole Foods, Giant Eagle and a number of specialty liquor stores in the Columbus area. (You can search all locations here.) Each 750-milliliter bottle is $19.99.

The cocktails have been available in Illinois for about a year, but Joly and his business partner, Matt Lindner, have been eyeing Ohio and the burgeoning Columbus market for months. They've also appointed M bartender Cris Dehlavi as their local brand ambassador. "When we were looking in the Ohio area, she was the first choice at the very top of the list," Lindner says. As the local president of the United States Bartender Guild, Dehlavi is helping Crafthouse identify key retailers in the area.

Joly stresses Crafthouse's goal is to offer a convenient, high-quality option for cocktail drinkers, not to replace bartenders. "You'd take these any place you'd bring a bottle of wine or a six pack of craft beer," he says.

The Moscow Mule and Paloma are both carbonated, but even the Southside gets a shot of carbon dioxide before bottling. This means the bottles are shelf-safe for about a year. Still, they should be treated like wine; ideally, you want to open and finish a bottle in the same night. If you have leftovers, the bottle should be refrigerated and finished in no more than seven to 10 days.

While the hard work has already been done for you, it's still up to you to garnish the cocktails. Below, we share Joly's recommended garnishes. Each cocktail should be served on the rocks.

Southside: A lime wheel or spanked mint will work. If you go with the latter, give the leaf a light smack with your palm to release its aromatic oils.

Paloma: Cut a fresh lime wheel, or lightly salt one half of the glass's rim.

Moscow Mule: If you want to amplify the cocktail's citrusy notes, use a lime wheel. If you prefer to play up the punch of the ginger beer, go with a cinnamon stick.