Short Order: Michael Symon's B Spot

Beth Stallings
B Spot's Fat Doug ($9)-a true taste of Cleveland with crisp coleslaw, pastrami, Swiss cheese and (the real) stadium mustard

Celebrity chef Michael Symon's B Spot has all the trappings of a chain restaurant. The sleek biker decor of the Gahanna location-the first in Central Ohio-is the same as its Cleveland counterparts. The burger-bratwurst-and bologna-focused menu doesn't change from location to location (or seasonally, for that matter).

But with service that's fast and genuine and painstakingly sourced ingredients (the meat inside each burger can be traced back to one cow), it doesn't matter the concept's not new. It works, and the food is indulgent but delicious.

That said, Symon put plenty of personal touches on B Spot. He's an avid Harley-Davidson motorcycle rider, so that's why silver-painted bike parts hang below the rafters. The wall of old-school beer cans is a showpiece inspired by Symon's high school beer can collection. The menu pays homage to Symons' pig-loving taste, as plenty of pork works its way onto burgers, brats and fries in the forms of pulled pork and bacon.

If you're a first-timer to B Spot, start with the Lola burger ($10) topped with a perfectly runny sunny side up egg, crisp bacon, cheddar and bright pickled red onions. The Lola is Symon's original, created before a sunny side up egg was a routine burger topping. Repeat visitors should move over to the Fat Doug ($9)-a true taste of Cleveland with crisp coleslaw, pastrami, Swiss cheese and (the real) stadium mustard. A side of salty rosemary shoestring fries ($4) or basket of onion rings ($7) that don't slide out of the breading after one bite, and you may want to plan for a nap after your meal.

Even bologna haters can't deny the thick-as-your-thumb griddled bologna sandwiches here are wonderfully fatty. The New School ($6.99) did not disappoint with pickled red onions, tangy Russian dressing and sunny side up egg. The crisp crunch of sweet and slightly spicy pickles made the sandwich.

Behind the bar, you'll find more than a dozen beers on tap, a healthy selection of bourbon and even a specialty cocktail, barrel-aged and made with Watershed bourbon. If you'd like your cocktail with dessert, add a shot of liquor to any milkshake (bourbon in the Vanilla Bean Apple Pie & Bacon is a personal favorite).