Cheap Eats: Wholesome Fast Food Finds

Staff Writer
Columbus Monthly

Pin a blue ribbon on yourself-you're about to pull double do-good duty by ordering something wholesome at a good value. Now doesn't that feel nice?

I'm craving … something salty.

Grab this: A rosemary, garlic and olive oil pretzel from Brezel ($5)

Because: Brezel's fat, chewy, hand-rolled pretzels put all other soft pretzels to shame. This umami-bomb variety (there are many others) is pocked with bits of fresh rosemary and garlic. Choose a dipping sauce to reach seventh heaven. 59 Spruce St., Arena District, 614-586-0523,

I'm craving ... raw veggies.

Grab this: Greek salad from Pitabilities food truck ($7)

Because: The cold crunch of this salad will send pleasant shivers down your spine. Pitabilities does Greek salad strictly classic, with romaine lettuce, tomatoes, onion, cucumbers, black olives, feta cheese, banana peppers and a zesty house dressing. Warm up with a bite of soft pita bread. Location varies,

I'm craving … something filling.

Grab this: Spiced Chickpea Wrap at AJ's Café ($6)

Because: Owner Ajay Kumar loads a big tortilla with rice, spinach, cumin-spiced chickpeas and a drizzle of tamarind chutney, then grills the wrap in a panini press. The heat encourages all those pungent flavors to get familiar and meld with one another. 152 E. State St., Downtown, 614-223-3999,