Q&A: Stauf's Mark Swanson on New North Market, German Village Locations

Anthony Dominic
Stauf's Coffee Roasters Mark Swanson

Stauf's Coffee Roasters is settling into new locations at the North Market (replacing A Touch of Earth) and German Village (replacing Cup O' Joe and MoJoe Lounge). They're already serving at the market, but Stauf's president Mark Swanson says both shops will kick into full swing this month following the installation of new German-imported coffee roasters.

Why are you drawn to a roastery-first mentality?

Obviously freshness and being able to supply ourselves locally is key. The folks roasting can play around with different degrees of roasts, different varietals, right there on the spot. We can do tastings and bring in that educational component of shop roasting, which is awesome.

Will there be any exclusives at the North Market?

Some of the coffees are from Yemen, Panama, Rwanda. There will be fan favorites from Stauf's, too. One concern in expanding is not just throwing [a shop] in, but making a North Market Stauf's, a German Village Stauf's.

How have you tailored the German Village shop?

We have a nice space in the back for customers, away from the hustle and bustle of the front prep area. Also, we're going to be doing a lot of baking. Pastry chef Christen Corey, she's creating a menu, all from scratch, which is exciting.

Will the patio remain?

Yes, with new furniture. We've redone the whole cafe, too. There's new equipment, new tables, counters. We're even incorporating a nice little pour-over bar area. People can expect more events, more interactivity and just more experimentation in general.