Three great Indian buffets

Staff Writer
Columbus Monthly
Amul India

It's a little-known fact that one can survive a winter on Indian buffets alone. With all four food groups-paneer, potatoes, chicken tandoori and mango lassi-all hibernation needs are met. Here are three that break from the norm.

Amul India

This easy-to-navigate buffet separates vegetarian and meat dishes. Its North Indian focus promises plenty of buttery and mildly spicy specialties, like chicken mahkani (think butter, cream, tomatoes and chicken). Amul's dessert table stands out with the inclusion of Jalebi, a bright orange funnel cake flavored with saffron and cardamom. Weekday lunch, $8.99; weekend lunch, $10.99


Serving Indian and Indo-Chinese dishes, Tadka features a chaat station with made-to-order dosas (South Indian rice and lentil crepes with vegetarian fillings) that steal the show. Entrees include Singapore noodles and Indian favorites like chicken tikka masala. For dessert, try an Indian snow cone called ice gola. Shaved ice compressed around a stick and served in a cup with flavored syrup. The Kala khatta-Indian blackberry-is the most popular. Weekday lunch $10; weekend lunch $14

Taj Palace

One of the few Indian buffets to serve dinner, Taj Palace alternates between North Indian (Monday and Thursday evenings) and South Indian (Tuesday evenings). Visible from the dining room, the wood charcoal-powered tandoor oven solidifies a focus on tandoori chicken and the tableside service of freshly baked naan. Lunch $8.99; dinner $12.99