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Tucked away in the Bethel Centre Shopping Center on Bethel Road, Shish Kebab Mediterranean Grill's bright sign drew in Ahmed Mirza. He's glad he took the chance and went inside the restaurant that, for 10 years, has been serving Ottoman cuisine-a mix of Central Asian, Middle Eastern and Balkan dishes. When it comes to traditional Turkish food, Mizra says this restaurant beats the rest in Columbus. -Karina Nova

When did you first discover Shish Kebab?I discovered [it] in 2006 when I was driving through the complex, saw it and decided to go in and give it a try. The food was so flavorful and delicious that I had realized I had uncovered a hidden gem.

How does it compare to other Middle Eastern restaurants in Columbus?They serve traditional Turkish entrees. A lot of the other restaurants in Columbus that do similar cuisine seem to include similar dishes from other parts of the world to appeal to their customers.Shish Kebab's menu is very authentic with dishes that are true to Turkey.

What is the atmosphere like? Inside, the wooden paneling gives it warmth and complements the white tablecloths.The outside has a very large patio. They even have retractable awnings and sun shades. You can tell they paid a lot of attention to detail, right down to the restaurant's logo on all the dishes. The staff is knowledgeable of every item on the menu, and they're extremely attentive to the table. For that, they deserve a great tip.

What do you recommend trying? Start with the traditional hummus or ezmi. I like the Chicken Adana which is minced chicken over rice. The blend of flavor and spices makes your taste buds come alive bite after bite. To finish it off, try the baklava or the kenefe. You might feel yourself falling into a food coma after all of the great food, so you can always finish with a Turkish coffee.

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Name: Ahmed Mirz

Age: 38

Neighborhood: Dublin

Occupation: IT consultant at Nationwide Insurance