Boozy Mexican hot cocoa at Oddfellows

Beth Stallings, Columbus Crave

Yep, you read that headline right. This hot, sweet and potent drink is one of the best things to come out of the new partnership between Oddfellows Liquor Bar and Harrison West cafe Katalina's.

This Mexican hot cocoa isn't entirely new; it's been a cold-weather signature at Katalina's for a while. But this way of drinking it is, because until the Latin-leaning eatery took over the kitchen at Oddfellows last month, adding a shot of whiskey wasn't an option (Katalina's doesn't have a liquor license).

Hot chocolates can be cloyingly sweet and syrupy-but this version made with warm Snowville Creamery milk is spiked with a little heat (I'm guessing chilies) and aromatics like cinnamon. Add in OYO whiskey-served on the side in a little glass jar so you can control the potency-and it's the perfect cocktail to take the edge off a cold day.

Bonus: You'll soon be able to make Katalina's Mexican hot cocoa at home. North Market Spices, who whips up the blend for the cafe, will soon be selling the mix at their stand in the market.

If hot cocoa isn't your thing, Katalina's at Oddfellows is also serving up hot cider with a choice of spiking spirits (like vanilla vodka and Fireball cinnamon whiskey).

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