Tiny Chefs Welcome at The Commissary

Beth Stallings
A Too Mini Cooks class about making pizza at the Commissary

Kate Djupe had one goal when she opened The Commissary in November: to make food more accessible to everyone. Since then, the shared commercial kitchen and event space on Dublin Road has buzzed with pop-up dinners and themed cooking classes, including a series aimed at kids. Too Mini Cooks: Little Chef + Big Chef is meant to be a dinner date between a parent and child, Djupe says. "The parent and kid work together to make dinner or dessert, and then there's time for them to enjoy it together," she says. Themes and culinary teachers rotate throughout the month. Coming up on April 13, Challah! food truck chef Catie Randazzo will show how to make ricotta cheese and meatballs. On April 23, Valerie Belt of Hot Chicken Takeover will teach mac and cheese from 4:30 to 6 p.m. Also slated for sometime this month is a pizza-making class with Matt Swint of Matija Breads. Classes are $25 per pair.