Clintonville Community Market Is Serving Brunch, Lunch and Dinner

Beth Stallings
Veggie frittata

If ever there was a place that epitomized the term "granola," the Clintonville Community Market would be it. Fair-trade coffee, free-range eggs, organic this, local that-it's a low-frills corner store made by and for people who want to know where their food comes from. The co-op grocery in a residential neighborhood flies under the radar-too far under, if you ask Trish Clark, a longtime member and marketing manager. The solution to attract more customers, she says, was actually simple. The kitchen that once turned out a few cold deli items is now open for lunch and dinner, plus $2 tacos on Tuesday and brunch on weekends. The menu-typically a collection of wraps, salads and sandwiches-changes daily and uses whatever seasonal ingredients are on hand at the grocery.

Leading the kitchen is one-chef-operation Justin Boldizar, visible behind a baker's rack at the rear of the store, where diners also place orders. He scribbles the daily lineup (all dishes are $7.50) on a chalkboard next to the kitchen-like a Vegan Chorizo Wrap with guacamole, and Pulled Pork with spring greens on Old World bread, or, for a recent brunch, French Toast with apple cinnamon compote, and a savory Veggie Frittata with mushrooms, caramelized onions and peppers and parsley.

Granted, there isn't much room to dine at the community market (this is a grocery store after all)-but there is one large community table where you can pull up a seat and enjoy a fresh and simple meal alonside others doing the same.