Drink this: Four ice coffees you have to try

Staff Writer
Columbus Monthly
Nitro at Crimson Cup

As much as we welcome the standard iced brew on hot summer days, here are cold coffee variations to try this season.

New Orleans at Fox in the Snow cafe

This drink is owner Jeff Excell's coffee-nerd answer to all the mocha drinkers out there (because you won't find chocolate syrup at this Italian Village cafe). House-made chicory coffee is blended with Snowville Creamery milk and just a touch of sugar for a drink redolent of melted dark chocolate ice cream.

Nitro at Crimson Cup

Brandon Bir, head of coffee education and sourcing, and his team perfected the Nitro, a kegged cold brew pushed through a nitro tap. The result is chilled coffee that's creamy, slightly sweet and packs twice the caffeine as regular coffee. This summer's rotating offering will be light and floral.

Iced Honey Latte at One Line Coffee

This iced latte deserves celebrity status. One Line's Mick Evans changes the infusion each season to fit the chosen single-origin bean. This summer, he'll infuse notes of lemon and blueberry. Purists can opt for a Kyoto cold drip, a 16-hour process designed to increase coffee strength and aroma.

Cold Brew Cart at Mission Coffee

Consider it an adult upgrade to the ice cream truck: A vintage Brooks tricycle retrofitted to carry a tap of Mission Cold Brew hits markets and festivals this summer. Brew manager Joe Capatosto uses the Toddy process, which calls for steeping coarse-ground coffee for two days, resulting in lots of caffeine and less acidity.